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Dried Flowers gift with Card.

Are Preserved Flower Good for the Environment?

The demand for flowers in the market is increasing day by day. We are all aware that with the increasing population, these demands will never cease. Flowers are an important part of our daily lifestyle as it’s required in every festival, occasion, offering, ceremony. We love to keep flowers within a vase in our home or decorate the room with some attractive flowers. But naturally, flowers do not last long. That way, if we need to keep it decorated that way, we need to buy and replace them every day. Preserved flowers can easily solve this problem.

How long do preserved flowers last?

Preserved flowers are flowers treated with various techniques like hot air drying, silica gel drying, pressed or freeze-drying to take out the water from the flowers and prevent them from rotting. They retain their feel, shape, and color and remain the same for about 1-2 years, or longer depending on their care and condition. They don’t need any additional care, water supply, or sunlight. 

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The preserved flowers are not made from any artificial polymer or non-degradable substance. They are naturally treated flowers. They scalable and much more sustainable than live flowers. If you consider it as a gift, It will last longer than natural flowers and they are well known for their sustainability and eco-friendliness. Preserved flowers lower carbon footprint thus reducing global carbon emission. The reduce water wastage and lowers the wastes generated due to the transportation of fresh plants. They are economical too in terms of the global economy because they need no aftercare and lasts long without any additional nutrition. They can be kept anywhere and very easy to transport and store. The end of life products are easily degradable in soil and they increase the soil quality too. They produce less waste, they are reusable, and perfect for a circular economy. 

Another considerable aspect is the preservation of rare or endangered flowers. It’s not possible to produce them commercially. But with our preservation techniques, we can make a bouquet of these flowers and reuse them in multiple events. Reusability is the key feature of sustainability. As these products are completely natural and biodegradable, they are 100% eco-friendly.

Are Preserved Flowers Toxic?

Herbal preservation techniques are natural and do not involve any toxic preservatives or chemicals known to cause harm. Additionally, there is zero maintenance cost of preserved flowers while they look the same as natural flowers. If we produce preserved flowers in an industrial scale, there will be no shortage of flower supply in the market. The longevity and sustainability of preserved flowers are appreciable. They have no adverse effect on the environment. That’s why preserved flowers are getting popular nowadays in various places. In terms of environment-friendliness, they are great alternatives to natural flowers. 

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