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The Floral Trends of 2021

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The rise in popularity of preserved flowers has been undeniable for the last few years. The vast improvement in the quality of preserved flowers has seen a completely new shift in the old-fashioned aesthetic and replaced it with sustainability, low maintenance, and a beautiful aesthetic. The trend has entered the market by leaving behind the traditional methods and has adapted better techniques. The new methods preserve the color of the flower and maintain the look of the originally bloomed flowers; how amazing is that. 

Going back four or five years, only a few people knew about preserved flowers, but now the majority of people in the industry have either worked with it or at least have heard about them. In the past couple of years, preserved flowers have started climbing the trend charts. They have become a part of a particular aesthetic type, and many influencers have adopted this new style. Preserved flowers have become a favorite material for designers, decorators, small business owners, and other enthusiasts in the same field. Researchers say that they expect an even bigger leap in its popularity. 

On reading ahead, you will understand how preserved flowers gained sudden popularity, how it is different from fresh flowers, and how preserved flowers have a possible potential to become a completely different market of its own. 

Increasing demand

Over the past few years, more and more businesses have started adding sustainable materials to their products to add more value. Preserved flowers are an excellent way to add more greenery and beautify the products while keeping them sustainable. This is not possible with fresh flowers, as they lose their freshness over time and are not ideal for this purpose. Preserved flowers come with their applications and can be used in different ways and incorporated in different ways. For instance, preserved flowers can be added to candles to make them look prettier, add a mild fragrance, and stays sustainable. Preserved flowers can also be used in packaging products. It adds more value to the style of packaging and hence the business. And what do you reckon? Preserved flowers are a great gift on their own. 

Many companies have started recognizing the versatility of preserved flowers and have started incorporating them in innovative and unique wats. Preserved flowers are also promoted as decorative and gift solutions. With so many ways to use it, in no time, people worldwide started noticing its presence in all the latest methods. This led to an increase in the demand for preserved flowers. In the last few years, especially, there has been a sharp growth in awareness and usage. People have started appreciating it in so many ways and have started researching its usage, benefits, and limitations. This has helped the preserved flowers industry to no longer promote their market just by sales and discounts. Now it has its own space and value in the market. 

Moreover, due to their sustainable nature, the preserved flower industry has rather become more profitable. According to recent studies, many small businesses have seen growth by 25% because preserved flowers were the main component of their company. This is possible because of the increase in demand and the quality and versatile portfolio of the product. This allows customers t0 to select from a vast selection of designs, styles, types, colors and create it into anything with just as much versatility. 

Incomparable to fresh flowers

Initially, preserved flowers used to be high in demand, just as fresh flowers during occasions or celebrations like Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day. But it seems like that has changed in recent times. Preserved flowers and greenery have found their own unique space and are high in demand throughout the year. And so, preserved greenery’s market can no longer be tested only by comparing it to the fresh flowers industry. 

Because of this development in recent years, preserved flowers and fresh flowers cannot be compared directly. They both have a different place in the market and because preserved flowers have a more complex industry than fresh flowers. Fresh flowers, just as the name suggests, are fresh and so they’re easily available. But preserved flowers need long-term planning and process for suppliers and the customers too. In the case of fresh flowers, you can buy them online by placing an order and receiving it on the same day. Preserved flowers industry needs to have a long vision and plan. This market utilizes 12 to 18 months of forecast and planning depending on which flowers are to be sold, maintain and preserve the high quality of the flowers. Different kinds of flowers go through various processes, treatments, and are sold differently for different occasions. The market cannot depend on all growers, most of them have their own supplier on whom they can rely. 

The process is not the only part that requires attention for preserved greenery. The time before, during, and after the harvest are also essential and require particular attention. The process requires additional effort in the field and a stricter selection for the quality. As a result, these additions create a difference in the price. The price of preserved flowers hence is more expensive than fresh flowers. But on the other hand, they last much longer than fresh flowers and can be used for various applications since they have different customers and demands. Therefore, it is no more logical and valid to compare preserved and fresh flowers from their price standpoint. 

Upcoming Markets and Growth

Preserved nature is not a trend specific to one place; it is widespread and acknowledged worldwide. Preserved flowers have a place in design, architecture, fashion, and so on. The simple fact that preserved flowers are natural but no longer growing is why they are used in all these industries. The trend first began in the European markets, and now a growing demand can be seen in Asia, the Middle East, and the United States. Another advantage of preserved flowers is that you can change colors and add effects to the flowers to fit a particular kind of aesthetic for a certain market. To provide an example, they can color coordinate and even color match flowers for a specific event theme. 

Preserved flowers in future

The market of preserved flowers is growing rapidly, and it seems that soon preserved plants and flowers will have a complete segment uniquely for themselves soon. Although preserved flowers have been on the trending list this year, it is yet not as famous or well known as artificial flowers and fresh flowers, but with this growth, preserved flowers will soon achieve an equal name in the industry. People will understand all the unique opportunities that preserved flowers have to offer. It lasts longer than fresh flowers, and unlike artificial flowers, it is natural and renewable. The number of ways to make use of preserved flowers is also uncountable. Everyone will continue to appreciate the freshness of fresh flowers and understand the use of preserved flowers and use it as a long-term solution for interior designs, gift items, architecture, fashion, and more. 

Poised as one of the biggest trends of the current and upcoming years, the variety of preserved or dried flowers has just been growing. From dried pampas grass to delightful thistle, lavender, and bunny tails, the variety available in the market today is enormous. Preserved flowers are famous and for a good reason! They’re eco-friendly, low maintenance, last for a long time, and aren’t artificial or made of faux varieties. The color options are all very pretty, gorgeous pastels, muted grey, and warm tones. They also bring a lot of fun texture to the room. They’re not only pretty in color but also good at bringing heigh. Dried and long-stemmed grasses like pampas look amazing in statement vases and are easy to style. Statement vases are often difficult to style with fresh flowers, and preserved flowers are just an attractive solution to that. 

If you’re active on the internet and social media, you will be well aware of how preserved, and dried flowers have been blowing up in everyone’s feeds. Every other person falls in love with this aesthetic and wants to style their spaces with it or get their hands on a gorgeous bouquet. 

With a rise in home décor, statement pieces, and visually stimulating feeds on social media like Pinterest and Instagram, everyone wants to get on board with the preserved flower trend. 

Preserved flowers are not a new thing; they’ve always been around, but with these everyday changing trends, now is the time when dried flowers finally come back and rather be back in style. 

Now we know enough about the preserved flower and its market, so here are the eight benefits of dried flowers which will convince you to finally hop on board with this trend too:

  1. They’re very long-lasting. It may be hard to believe, but if preserved flowers are adequately taken care of and are of good quality, they can last for several years!

Isn’t that an amazing substitute for fresh flowers if you are always on the run but love a good view of flowers on your living table. Fresh flowers deflate and wilt within a few weeks or even days if not taken care of properly. 

Preserved flowers are a game-changer. They’re low maintenance and last for years. It is a much better investment and an excellent option for home décor, gifts, weddings, events, and much more. 

Make sure you the good quality preserved flowers if you want them to last for a few years. 

  1. The gift that keeps giving

Preserved flowers look beautiful in a proper arrangement, and they’re super popular these days, and they’re also the best gift options. Preserved flowers are the gift that keeps giving. 

Home is the place we spend a peaceful time. And these days, it is the place we spend most of the time at, so if you’re planning to give a gift to your loved ones, preserved flowers delivered to their doorstep is it. Pretty flowers always bring joy to people, and flowers that can last for years are just a game-changer. The flowers sit in the room and make the space warmer, home-like, and more beautiful, and it will continuously remind the receiver of you. 

  1. Super low maintenance

We’ve all been in that place, when we’re so excited about the fresh herbs and flowers to decorate our homes, only to find them gone all sad and withering if we forget to water them. With an overflowing daily schedule, the last thing to remember is taking care of the fresh flowers. 

And this is the beauty and the best part of preserved flowers. All you have to do is select what you love, select a spot for them, and that is it. They become a part of the furniture and the living space. The gorgeous flower arrangement will now sit and serve its purpose. 

Preserved or dried flowers don’t require fertilizer or soil, or even watering. You don’t need any of these for your preserved flowers. Using these can wreck the arrangement. So just place, stare, and admire the beautiful arrangement of dried flowers. 

  1. Good value for money

People always ask why dried flowers are expensive? This might not be true for every vendor. The price can differ among various vendors; pricier dried flowers come with quality and sustainability, which you will not find in a bunch of fresh flowers. 

But here’s why dried flowers can be more expensive than fresh flowers, but it is still a good value for money. 

Consider you buy a fresh bouquet for $50, and it lasts only for ten days. If you break that down, it means you spent $5 each day for ten days. 

Now, if you buy an arrangement of dried flowers that you pay $100 for, but they last you two years, and maybe even more. So, if they even last you for two years, you’re spending only 14c each day. 

In conclusion, preserved flowers are without a doubt a great value for money. 

  1. Utterly stunning

This goes without saying that the main reason why dried flowers are blowing up is because of how stunning they look. They can add so much character, color, and vibrance to a dull room. 

Preserved flowers come in various colors, shapes sizes with hundreds of combinations you can select and create for yourself. 

With so many flower options and color combinations, hundreds of beautiful arrangements are possible with a little imagination. 

  1. Amazing versatility

Not only do you have endless options to choose from and endless combinations you can create, but the number of ways you can use preserved flowers is also near endless. 

One of the best and most classic ways to use dried flowers is in bouquets, arrangements, glass domes, wreathe, etc. 

You can pursue other creative things like petal confetti, pressing and framing, merely hanging them, or even creating phone cases.

If you have a wild imagination, then with preserved flowers you can try anything and everything. 

  1. Easy to change arrangements.

Just another amazing benefit you get from dried flowers is how easily you can change their arrangements. You can change their positions and arrangements and add fresh flowers, grasses or remove them if you like. You don’t need soil, water, or fertilizer for dried flowers, so you don’t have to worry about any mess. You can simply pick and replace. 

With your evolving style, the style of your flowers should also change. Since one single arrangement can become dull over time, you can keep adding and replacing it with new colors and shades. You can buy more colorful stems or grasses to complement your house's present arrangement and interior design. 

The ever-lasting set of dried flowers are also ever-evolving with your continually changing décor and style. 

  1. Available for all seasons

You don’t have to wait for months for your favorite flower to bloom. The wait for seasons is over with preserved flowers. every kind of preserved flower is available at all times of the year. Whatever your preference is, whatever your favorite choice is, you can get it without worrying about the season. 

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