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Preserved Rose Petals

Why Should You Choose Preserved Flowers Over Live Flowers for Gifts?

Gifts are convenient ways to express love and emotion to any particular person. People generally share gifts with the people they love and care about. Gifts can be of several types. Gift selection is dependent on the person with whom you are sharing the gift. Giving a gift is an act of self-gratification. It strengthens any kind of relationship. Through gifts, you can communicate your heartfelt words and show the other person how much you care. Preserved flower can be a stupendous anniversary gift or a gift for any special event. Preserving flowers is the best way to lock a moment in time. By preserving the flowers, you can keep their beauty intact for a longer duration.

What is the concept of preserved flowers?

Preserved flowers are freshly cut flowers that undergo a distinctive preservation process. The foliage and moisture in the flower are replaced with glycerin. It leaves the flowers looking natural by preserving the original shape, brightness, and suppleness of the flower for multiple months and sometimes, even years. Preserved flowers have become one of the largest floral trends in recent days. They are a great alternative to the fresh flower that lasts only for a few hours. The preserved flowers last quite long and can be dyed to allow vibrancy to the colors. With preserved floral arrangements, the possibilities are never-ending. You can get small posies to big bouquets and wedding decoration to office decoration. 

Preserved Rose Petals   Colorful Dried Flower Bouquet

All of these examples can be found here.

Benefits of preserved flowers

There are several benefits of choosing preserved flowers as a gift than the fresh flowers. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Preserved flowers last longer than the freshly plucked flowers. It can last for a minimum of 12 months.
  • In terms of maintenance, the bouquet of preserved flowers is cheaper than the ones made with fresh flowers.
  • If you take into account how long the preserved flowers last, the average cost would be less than fresh flowers. A preserved flower does not wilt out and you can have beautiful flowers always.
  • A preserved flower does not require water, food, or re cutting of stems.
  • Preserved flowers can be placed in many settings. It is great for everyone, as you do not have to worry about allergies to pollen.
  • They are not limited to seasonal availability.
  • You can get them dyed to suit the various color schemes of the setting.
  • For weddings and big events, you can prepare the bouquet much in advance. Hence, it allows more flexibility for order and delivery.
  • Preserved flowers can be infused with several essential oils so that they carry an aesthetic scent. The scent can be customized to suit the occasion of the recipient.
  • When you use preserved flowers; you can socially stay conscious and be environment friendly.

The preserved floral arrangement can be done in places where it is not possible to decorate with plants and fresh flowers. Fresh flowers and plants require care and water to stay fresh. Preserved flowers are great, as they never attract bugs and insects towards them. They can be stored easily and require minimum or no maintenance.

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