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How do i properly care for my flowers?
Our bouquets can last up to years when they are properly cared for. Make sure it is away from moisture and and direct sunlight as it can affect the quality and coloration of the flowers.
How are your bouquets sized?
Our bouquet sizes usually go by the nano (3-4inches), mini (5-6 inches) and medium (8-9 inches). Sizes are usually listed in the description as well
Can I customize bouquets?
Yes you can. For any customization regarding flowers, color or wrapping you can send us an email.
Do you offer discount on bulk orders?
For orders over 25 bouquets we do offer a discount
Can I pre order for an upcoming event?
Pre orders are available. Please email us and pre order at least 2 weeks before the event date to ensure that your order and shipment be fulfilled on time.
I need my order urgently!
For urgent orders, please email us. We are only able to speed up the processing time. The delivery span will be according to the shipping method you selected.